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VAIVÉN | Marcia Vázquez


zona inferior
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VAIVÉN is a scenic piece that sails on spring tides.
After the storm, the ocean spits out everything that has drowned in the depths. The sand is littered with unconnected fragments of memory. Will this body be enough to rebuild her before the tide rises again?
A walk through the memories of everything that surrounds the sea in Galicia: the hard work of fishing, the landscape in colors and sounds, the Prestige, the unchosen personality of living on the coast.
An investigation that submerges itself in the vibrations, in the sound waves and that connects, inevitably, in the inner ocean of emotions. "All our souls are shipwrecked."

Premiere 12 of may 2023 - Teatro Rosalía - A Coruña

Direction and choreography: Marcia Vázquez
Sound space: Acacia Ojea
Lighting design:
Violeta Martínez
Performer: Marcia Vázquez

Audiovisual: Marta Valverde

Costume: Marta García

Movement support: Martín Los Arcos

Management: Sabela Ramos

Photo: Carlota Mosquera  

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