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da man


Da Man 

It is a collaborative project of AMARELO Distribución Escénica and Manu Lago and sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Choreographic Center to accompany a creation process of two emerging dance artists selected through a call.
The artists are accompanied during the process of creating a new piece through tutorials on administrative, logistical, artistic, financial content and any other topic that the specific process requires. During this support, you are given the knowledge and information necessary to carry out a professional production, search for residences and economic resources, sale and distribution of the show, networks and circuits and contacts, etc.
objectives are:
-promote new artists in dance.
-promote the creation of our own quarry and languages.
-invigorate the local, national and international market.

Artists selection 2024

-An emerging Galician artist: Raquel Ferradás

-An emerging state artist: Colectivo A Ras de Suelo (Isa Salas & María Peláez)

The open call 2024

The selection and search process for the artists will be:

What are we looking for?

-An emerging Galician artist.
-An emerging state

Both artists who, regardless of their age, gender or biometric data, have created a maximum of 5 shows integrated into professional circuits/programs and want to start the process of creating a new dance piece that can be in a hall or street format. conventional and maximum 2 performers/creators.


What we offer?

1- 360° support: we provide support throughout the entire company management process, production and creation, search for financing, distribution plan and any other stage that the creators' plans contemplate.

2- The inclusion of the piece in the AMARELO Distribución Escénica catalogue.


What to send us?

3 documents in pdf:

1- Motivation letter. Maximum 1 page.

2- Project in which the keys to the new creation are shown (format, team, planned schedule, ... and all the data considered relevant). Maximum 3 pages

3- CV with links to previous jobs (if any). Maximum 2 pages.


Where and when?

Deadline for applications: Until December 22, 2023.

Send the documentation to with the subject Da Man Galega or Da Man State as appropriate.
On January 15, 2024, the resolution will be published on networks and the web.


About us

Lilian Portela - is the director of AMARELO Stage Distribution

Lilian Portela began her path in the performing arts in 2011, working in production, distribution and management.

for different dance, theater and music companies.

In 2022 she decided to create her own company and thus AMARELO Distribución Escénica was born, a project dedicated to the national and international distribution of performing arts with the intention of serving as a transmission stream between artists and programmers and reaching the public

fresh, attractive and quality shows.

At AMARELO we are committed to emerging companies and new values that are beginning to stand out in the sector. Focusing on dance and new languages, we support shows that are capable of seducing all types of audiences.

Manu Lago - is an advisor to AMARELO Distribución Escénica and is part of the management team of A Casa Vella and the Solodos Platform.

Master in Cultural Management from the Open University of Catalonia (2015), Bachelor in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela (2000), Higher Technician in Plastic Arts from the Mestre Mateo School of Arts and Crafts (2002).

He is the creator of the Arquivo Online da Danza Contemporánea de Galicia and the distribution catalog Galicia Danza Contemporánea (2017-2022).

He was part of projects such as the Abanea Festival, the Corpo(a)terra Festival, 6coreógrafas, Paula Quintas Cía, Colectivo Glovo, Pisando Ovos, Matarile Teatro, Teatro Galán, En Pé de Pedra, …

He was coordinator of PROPULSA Danza + Paisaxe + Patrimonio of the Xunta de Galicia and Xacobeo 21-22 and co-produced

the show Clásicas Desfeitas Vol 3 with the Fundación Cidade da Cultura and the Centro Dramático Galego, 2021.

Xunta de Galicia. Da Man is a project sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Choreographic Center - Agadic.

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