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O ARCÓN DE NOA | Amarelo


zona inferior
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Noa is a girl who lives with her mother in a remote house and has no one to play with. In her chest she keeps the toys that no longer entertain her. Everything seems old, useless and boring in her lonely world. But one day, without realizing it, she activates an enchantment and enters the magical world that inhabits the chest.

Noa's chest is a fantasy story that shows us other possible worlds and ways to reach agreements, sharing spaces with what is foreign and different to us, to show the idea of ​​a possible world, more just and equal.

PREMIERE December 1st - Municipal Auditorium of Vigo

Original idea and dramaturgy: Lilian Portela
Direction and choreography: Daniel Rodríguez
Performers: Raquel Ferradás, Clara Ferrão, Alba Pérez Villa

Voice-over: Iria Álvarez Leirós
Lighting: Nacho Rivas
Original music: Bruno Baw and LLXNTO
Collaborators: Escola Media Punta and Council of Vigo

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