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A raíz de

TRANSEÚNTE | Daniel Rodríguez


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“Transeúnte” arises from the Galician tradition, through the mixture of singing, music and traditional dance to take a step forward in the search for an intergenerational dialogue, bringing together and integrating the languages ​​of the current generation.


In this show a symbiosis is created between two languages ​​and their contexts, bringing the past closer to the present and traditions to the present day of our youth. At Transeúnte we are committed to the link between contemporary dance and grassroots dance, thus establishing a dialogue between generations.


Transeúnte has 4 dancers and 2 live musicians, seeking to break the barrier between dancers and the music band, making everyone participate in the movement on stage, miking all the bodies to generate the sound space, using current tools such as autotune and modifying traditional rhythms making, for example, A Rianxeira sound to the rhythm of Brazilian funk.

Direction and choreographer: Daniel Rodríguez

Direction support: Arnau Pérez

Dancer: Javier de la Asunción, Laura García, Andrea Pérez and Daniel Rodríguez

Musicians on stage: Aida Tarrío (Tanxugueiras) and Artur Puga (Mondra)

Voice: Aida Tarrío and dancers

Lighting desing: Mauricio Pérez

Costume: Sheila Pérez

Music production : Javier Carreño and Acacia Ojea 

Co-producer: Daniel Rodríguez,  Concello de Porriño, AMARELO Distribución Escénica, Xunta de Galicia throught Centro Coreográfico Galego

Collaborators: Centro Coreográfico Canal, A Casa Vella

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