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THE EXPOSURE | Tanit Cobas


zona inferior
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The Exposure tries to show the inner world of the dancers

What do they think while they dance? What do they talk about between them? Who are they? Are they real beings or not?

You will hear our voices everywhere as if falling from the sky to bathe our hair. Hair as an oasis, as an exhibition, as a liberation, as pain, as a rain of opinions that I never asked for and they gave me for free.

Direction and choreography: Tanit Cobas

Collaborator: Pablo Navarro Muñoz

Dancers: Tanit Cobas and Pablo Navarro Muñoz

Music: Alicia Casado

Costume: Malahierba Bcn (Marijo Torres)

Video and photo: Zoran Varga

Production: Tanit Cobas and Musiktheater im Revier

Supported by: Marta Santacatalina, Janis Janowsky and MIR Dance Company

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