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OUTRORA NÓS | Mevadeus


zona inferior
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Four young people, belonging to generation Z, make a journey between past and present with the premise of knowing:

Who would we have been in the past? Love and tradition are the guiding thread of this scenic experience that questions how the desire to love and be loved shapes, shapes, or deforms us.

A youth that finds itself to discover answers about identity by having the courage to question who they are and where they are going with the desire to avoid the mistakes of a past that still belongs to us.

Performers: Bal Castro, Mara Neira, Brais Pombo, Inés Santos

Direction: Alba Villar

Dramaturgy: Mevadeus and Alba Villar

Scenic area: María Torres and Carmen Casal (Dúas en punto)

Lighting: María Torres and Carmen Casal (Dúas en punto)

Costume: María Torres and Carmen Casal (Dúas en punto)

Sound space: Mevadeus

Audiovisual projections: Alba Villar

Graphic design: Alicia Santos, Inés Santos and Alba Villar

Production: Mevadeus

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