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MYTIKA | EYAS Dance Project


#myth #time #creation #explosion

zona inferior
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MYTIKA is a double bill show, created by internationally renowned Israeli choreographers Noa Zuk and Adi Salant. The program is made up of the pieces “Inner Story” and “Boxerman”, each lasting twenty minutes, linked by an interlude created by the company.

The title MYTIKA refers to the experience lived by the directors with these two creators, with whom they worked in their careers in Germany, relating this experience to myth as a revelation of new perspectives in dance creation.

Directed by: Carlos González & Seth Buckley
Choreography: Adi Salant (Inner Story)/ Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof (Boxerman)/ Carlos González and Seth Buckley (Interlude) in collaboration with the performers.
Choreographic Assistant: Sybila Gutiérrez
Performers: Paula Montoya Lozano, Ángela Chavero García, Mauricio Pérez Fayos, Carlos González and Seth Buckley

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